Our story

hello, we're Nathanael + Kathryn, the founders of myfreshnest. 

myfreshnest is based in Fife, Scotland from our home. We launched our online store in August 2021 and have been so encouraged by the support of lovely strangers ever since! Being a small business, we strive to give each of our customers the best service we can along with high quality products from handpicked suppliers. We try to find items that are practical but also make you feel that it's good to be home.


meet the team

Kathryn - originally from the north coast of Northern Ireland, the one who finds + picks all the products for myfreshnest, takes all the pictures and fulfils your lovely orders! Lover of coffee, cake and changing up the house continually! 

Nathanael - a Fifer born + bred and a high school biology teacher! He loves to be in the sea, camping or climbing a hill.. anything outdoors really! Nathanael is a very much a 'behinds the scenes' kind of person so he has helped Kathryn with all the nitty gritty things that need sorted and will forever be her no.1 fan.

Edith - our little girl who keeps us on our toes!

Tom - our 4 year old cockapoo who kept us entertained through lockdown and made us go for many many walks. His favourite snack is plant pots and he loves a good cuddle!


thank you
We are so grateful for each and every one of you who support us in any way possible and making our dream of having a small business our reality.

lots of love xo